Bruce Feher


“Well, Las Vegas, you have an opportunity to break the Cycle Of SLEAZE! I’ve never held office, I’m not part of the Establishment & I have never gotten a dime from the Special Interests. Check me out & if you like what you see, may I have your vote?”


– Increase random patrols in residential neighborhoods
– More bike and scooter presence on walk ways
– Update and coordinate Neighborhood Watch programs
– Explore grant programs, like the one offered by the Department of Agriculture, to install CCTV systems in family communities
– The introduction of Lighter Than Air Vehicles, Blimps, would enhance police operations by providing a unique platform for long term observation over a wide area at reasonable cost.


– We can’t rely on the casino industry to do all the heavy lifting indefinitely
– Identify clean manufacturing, high tech and service companies and court them to locate or re-locate to Las Vegas
– Reduce and streamline cumbersome rules and regulations to start a small business. Make it easier for mom and pop operations to bid on city contracts
– Consolidate all the various economic development entities into one super agency
– With all the conventions and trade shows we have, it would be a good idea if we had a exhibit booth at as many as possible. I volunteer to work at as many as I can


– Clean, safe streets and public areas
– Eliminate all toxic landscaping products from our city
– There are many worthwhile charities and NGOs in Southern Nevada. I would like to develop a yearly conference and exhibition to help and promote these fine organizations
– Increase benches along ALL walk ways to make getting out and about easier for senior citizens and young children
– Crack down on speeders in family residential areas
– Spruce up crosswalk paint, trim tree branches away from traffic control signs, install traffic lights at high volume intersections, promptly repair pot holes, decorate utility boxes
– Standardize address numbers and locations on commercial buildings
– Extend the RTC bus routes to the west of 215


– To insure our water supply we MUST preserve traditional supplies and think out of the box to develop new ones. I find it interesting that there are thousands of miles of gas pipe lines across America and none for water.


– Get the City as far away as possible from this boondoggle as quickly as possible. Cut our losses before taxpayers get stuck with the possibility of paying out big bucks!


– In a word our educational system is disgraceful! You can’t attract good businesses with a 3rd rate educational system
– Decent pay for our teachers, less interference from administrators. Let our teachers TEACH


– A very serious concern, not only in Nevada, but around the World
– Seek out and implement successful programs ASAP
– We have a responsibility to our most vulnerable citizens
– Expose and punish those that are cheating and gaming the system. They are stealing from the truly needy
– Offer Homeless Packets for sale, at a reasonable fee, to compassionate citizens to pass out. They could contain coupons for free food, gift cards and information on services. Proceeds to be used for additional programs.

These issues are only the tip of the iceberg and won’t just go away by sticking our heads in the sand.