Bruce Feher’s commitment to integrity and his common sense approach to city government has garnered him a wide range of endorsements, across the spectrum.


Scott Ellis
 I’ve known Bruce Feher for well over twenty years. Bruce diligently worked here in Brevard County before relocating to Las Vegas many years ago. He’s a dedicated professional, innovative, intelligent and compassionate. I have no doubt that he would make an excellent Las Vegas City Council Person.  
Ernesto Bernadet
 I have been friends with Bruce Feher since our days in the Airline business in the 1980’s. When there was a problem you could always rely on him to straighten things out, Bruce is a take charge kind of person and does not hesitate to care and to work tirelessly. He’s fast on his feet, clever and a real gentleman. I have travelled the globe for many years post our close working relationship as most aeronautical professionals, and lost friends along the way, except for one Bruce Charles Feher, one of my most loyal and dear friends because he is a family man of good character. Las Vegas would be lucky to have him. 
Henry Kartagener
 I have known Bruce for over 40 years and can confirm that his experiences, knowledge and dedication will allow him to improve the lives of all those around him. 
Sean and Kim Smith
 We live in Ward 2 and are adamantly supporting Bruce Feher for City Council, Ward 2. Bruce has been a customer of ours for some time now and when he claims to "support small businesses", we find that to be very truthful! We have seen council people come and go in Ward 2 with no improvements year after year. We look forward to Bruce winning as we know his word is solid, as are his promises. He is not your typical "politician" and REFUSES to let outside money dictate his principles. 
Elbert Lee Guillory
 I know Bruce. I met him more than a year ago and I’m praying for his success in this political run. I am impressed by Bruce’s commitment and his Patriotism! He is also smart and honest. That is a winning combination for the people of Las Vegas!!! 
The Rev. Carl E. Roemer, Th.D
 I have known Bruce Feher for 57 years. He is a man of integrity and truthfulness and would be a great asset to the government of Las Vegas and its civil life.  
Laura Feher
 I have known Bruce for a very long time. He is definitely what I consider a true Boy Scout. He's honest to a fault, a good provider, a loving husband, father and grandfather. The citizens of Ward 2 and the City of Las Vegas would be hard pressed to find a more honorable Council person.  
Stan Vaughan
 I endorse Bruce Feher for City Council Ward 2. NO MORE ABUSE...... VOTE FOR BRUCE! 
Shawn Mooneyham
 Bruce Feher has my endorsement and support Sincerely, Shawn Mooneyham 
 Please Vote for my Grandpa! 
Scott LaFata
 I am honored to endorse my friend Bruce Feher for the Las Vegas City Council, Ward 2. 
Fred Conquest
 I proudly announce my endorsement for Bruce Feher for City Council, Ward 2. We have an urgent need in Las Vegas for honest candidates to be elected and Bruce Feher is the epitome of honesty! 

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